Concert Party

First in a series of recap posts about what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks (aside from me buying Pavement tickets aaaaaah). This post: Concert Party weekend.

By “Concert Party,” I mean…


Return flight

Said goodbye to my family in Denton and flew back to St. Louis on Saturday. I tried to bundle up as much as possible (although it was equally as cold in Dallas as St. Louis, which is really unusual)–I went so far as to actually wear two scarves, one to keep my neck warm and one to wrap around the bottom half of my face.

I bought tickets during the fall to go see Eddie Izzard at the Fox Theatre during his encore shows for the Stripped tour (Stripped, Too: The Big Intimacy Tour). I saw him in 2008 when he had just begun touring this show, which finished tidily in just two hours. This show was almost three, and though I loved the first show, this was really what I expected out of an Eddie show–the excruciatingly long mimed scenes, calculated verbal stumbling and weird insights, bad wordplay (“I guess badgers CAN be choosers”), quotable lines (“Quod the fuck”), interaction with the audience, everything. It was both interesting and impressive to see how the show and its material had evolved over the course of the last almost two years. Plus, the Fox really was Fabulous. What a great location, and we had great seats and a great view. If you’ve never heard of Eddie before, be sure to look him up. If you like him, really make the effort to see him live, because it’s absolutely worth it.

All this, plus dinner at Sen Thai in downtown St. Louis. Great food, great service. Try the tempura udon. Honestly, try everything.

Drove back to Springfield on Sunday, and here I am. I managed to get everything out of my suitcases tonight (something which usually took me two weeks to get to at school). I’ve also been setting up my new computer, which arrived while I was still in Texas. All the hardware features I wanted for a nice price, but I’m finding some design flaws rather frustrating. More on that when I can upload some photos. In the meantime, I’m installing software on it while letting it charge in the freezer/downstairs of my house.

To-do list to come. I’ve got to get on a routine before I go crazy. For now, enjoy this, which I am hopefully making when I can buy some peanuts.

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