Last of the column updates!

Finished all of the DI column archives for Drawing Coffee. That means I finished up Fall 2009 with complete records for October, November, and December. While it may not mean much to you, I realized I’ve got 80 published columns to my name (whether they’re all good or not). That is a good start to a portfolio, people.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Texas, so I ought to call it a night.

In the meantime, I’ll mention that I’d like to attend the Clarion Writers’ Workshop in San Diego this summer, particularly because George R.R. Martin will be teaching. Unfortunately, not only do I need to whip up two polished genre short stories by March 1 to submit with my application, but I would also need to somehow generate the $5000 it costs to attend (should I even be accepted, which would be highly unlikely). Suggestions? And sorry, egg harvesting and drug dealing have both already been mentioned. No repeats; I want originality here.

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