Almond M&M’s

Spent the afternoon working on my latest Drawing Coffee Original, which you can check out here. This week, I’m covering the debate over National Day of Prayer.

Will be hitting the gym later, and I don’t know what’s on the agenda after that. I finished reading Stardust earlier this week and will continue on with Dune, although after a short break I think I’m ready to get back to Snow.


First Drawing Coffee Original–my first strictly-online column!

Just wanted to take a sec to direct you to the first ever Drawing Coffee Original, the first of many regular and brand new pieces of online content. If you liked my opinions stuff, this is right up your alley.

“My new hot button: why My New Pink Button pisses me off”

Last of the column updates!

Finished all of the DI column archives for Drawing Coffee. That means I finished up Fall 2009 with complete records for October, November, and December. While it may not mean much to you, I realized I’ve got 80 published columns to my name (whether they’re all good or not). That is a good start to a portfolio, people.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Texas, so I ought to call it a night.

In the meantime, I’ll mention that I’d like to attend the Clarion Writers’ Workshop in San Diego this summer, particularly because George R.R. Martin will be teaching. Unfortunately, not only do I need to whip up two polished genre short stories by March 1 to submit with my application, but I would also need to somehow generate the $5000 it costs to attend (should I even be accepted, which would be highly unlikely). Suggestions? And sorry, egg harvesting and drug dealing have both already been mentioned. No repeats; I want originality here.

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