Three-Minute Fiction and little bits of writing

Some of you may remember that I entered round four of NPR’s Three-Minute Fiction competition a while back. The piece I submitted didn’t get anywhere, and when I read the winning piece today, I can understand why. If it’s not too bold a statement, I might venture to say that my entry was like a proto-version of the winner…the elements of success are there, but the winning author is clearly someone who has much more finely honed writing skills than I do. Good for a first try, I’d say. You can read the winning piece here, and check out some of the honorable mentions and runners-up, too.

That said, with the contest judging finished, I’ve decided to post my two pieces to Drawing Coffee. You can check out “A Portrait” (my personal runner-up) and “Until I Looked” (the horse I bet on) over there. Enjoy my first two creative pieces posted to DC in I think over two years. Enjoy.


Soy sauce and green tea KitKats

If I could have had cucumber Pepsi, I would maybe not have stopped drinking soda. This is a fun look at flavors and marketing competition in Japan, and also  brief but insightful discussion of Japanese consumerism and current market strategies.

If you like NPR and you also like me

I just submitted my entry to NPR’s Three-Minute Fiction contest. If I’m lucky, maybe someone will like it enough to post it on the website. Or you know, choose it as the winner. That’s good too.

Anyway, the piece is called “Until I Looked,” and if it gets posted, I will definitely link to it.

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