Fingertoes, update the second

For those of you who were mildly interested to read about my exploits wearing Vibram FiveFingers, you may be mildly interested in this.

At the same time that I want to be able to use these as strictly athletic shoes, I’ve been wearing my KSOs solid for over a week so that my foot muscles will have the opportunity to adjust. I’m trying to alter my step while I walk to more easily facilitate the change while I run, although I still have to actively think about how I’m stepping during both (after all, a week of walking differently isn’t going to erase the near-23-years of muscle memory from walking in mainstream shoes–or “foot coffins,” as my dental hygienist told me her FiveFingers-wearing running partner calls them). My feet were still pretty sore last week (despite wearing them off and on the week or so prior), but everything’s been smooth sailing (or stepping?) so far this week. For a better idea on how I’m trying to change my steps, check out the video on this NPR story.

With all this stepping on my mind, I went running for 20 minutes tonight (still working my way back up from my ankle injury, plus getting used to new shoes, so I’m taking it easy) successfully–no ankle pain, no extreme calf muscle tightness, no soreness in the top of my foot. Progress is slow, but sure. If things continue this well, then I’m considering procuring an extra pair of these babies for every-day wear so that my KSOs can remain strictly for their intended athletic use, and I can still wander around in comfy shoes all day that aren’t counterproductive to my running step.

I hope that was minimally interesting, enough so that you’re mildly intrigued for further updates on the subject in the near future.



Well, it’s been a little over a week since I started wearing my FiveFingers. I’ve been trying to wear them in low-intensity situations (namely work at the flower shop) so that my feet can adjust. It’s not a question of blisters, since these are amazingly form-fitting shoes, I just need to give my foot muscles a break since they’re getting used more than they are in  my other shoes. I have tried running a few times in them, which demands a lot from your calves (since I’m shifting to running on the front of my foot).

Overall, I feel as though I’m walking around in my socks or slippers at home. And it’s spectacular to feel the shape of the ground underneath you, the plushness of the grass, without the awkward pain of taking steps on sticks, stones, and various fallen tree bits. I’ve drawn a lot of attention and questions from people while I’m out making deliveries during the day, and as our senior designer said, “They look comfortable, but you’re definitely not going to win a beauty contest in ’em.”

As I said, I’m only one week in–I’ll be back with more information on them and running (no ankle pain, finally) over the next couple of weeks as I adjust.

More Drawing Coffee revisions

Spent this evening revising the Legal, Opinions, and Creative pages at Drawing Coffee.

In other news, didn’t have to wear my ankle brace today at work and didn’t have to take any NSAIDs, despite biking 50 minutes at the gym tonight. Also playing Song Summoner on my iPod while biking was pretty sweet.

Bullet points

Quick entry before internet curfew.

Hurt my ankle running. Tried working out on a cross-trainer for thirty minutes Monday, which didn’t make things worse but also didn’t make them any better. Bought a couple of braces (including an athletic one that I wore today while doing weights) and I’m trying to take it easy for at least the next week. No cardio. Ice once a day, though I may move that up to twice.

Caffeine withdrawal week going pretty well so far. Staying away from coffee; had some iced tea on Tuesday to help with my headache.

Eyes are feeling much better after feeling as though they were going to shrivel up inside my skull last weekend.

Graduation weekend in Urbana was a good time that I’m glad I stuck around for.

New layout here on What the Fidd, plus I’m working on a new one for Drawing Coffee. DC is kind of a mess right now, but you’re welcome to check it out while I work on it. Copyright pages were added to both blogs, and I’m thinking about business strategies as I read the Atlantic’s article on Google saving the news.

I’ve overstayed my internet welcome! More tomorrow.

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