I’m trying to learn more about how I write and how to pursue writing as a career. In other words, I’m looking to someday make a living on my writing. With that in mind, please understand that all work published on What the Fidd is my copyrighted property, unless otherwise indicated. Among other things, this means that none of the work published here, including my photography, may be reproduced in its entirety without my express permission, and that I retain the exclusive rights to all fictional characters and places presented in my writing. None of my work may be used in derivative works or adaptations, or for commercial purposes. Excerpts/quotations of my work are acceptable so long as they are brief and include an appropriate citation that credits me as the author, lists the title of the quoted work if one exists, and links to the full-text original on this blog. If you see my work reproduced anywhere else in a sketchy manner, I would appreciate it if you would notify me so that the matter may be resolved and I can keep my intellectual property from being stolen or used without my permission.

I can be contacted at chelsea dot fiddyment at gmail dot com about any issues related to my work. Thank you for your understanding and respect.

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