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Here is a really quick recap of everything in the world that has been happening since my last real posts here:

  • I’ve been trying to keep up with my 2 books/month goal and doing somewhat decently–I kind of got sidetracked in April because I started rereading George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series in order to prepare myself for the debut of the HBO series and, more importantly, for the release of the fifth book in July. I’m also almost finished with David Eagleman’s fantastic collection of speculative short-shorts, Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, and Encounter,  Milan Kundera’s most recent collection of essays that has much to do with things Modern.
  • I am working a new (dream) job making coffee. In other coffee-related news, I have graduated to drinking Americanos.
  • I have been doing tons of planning and worrying and more planning and more worrying over things in my life.
  • I’ve been trying my hand at vegan baking. So far the best thing I’ve made are chocolate-raspberry cookies with walnuts. I’ll probably get around to posting that recipe in the near future.
  • I hurt my foot at the beginning of the year. It finally started getting better, and then after I started my new job, I hurt my knee. I think I should pretty much be better by next week and I’d like to start getting my foot muscles adjusted to my Vibrams again so that I can get back to running. I’m still nervous about the possibility of really having hurt my knee…we’ll see what happens. Finally back at the gym at least doing upper body weights.
  • Don’t worry! I haven’t been reading any more of Two Towers without you guys. Live-blogging will resume sometime in the future, when I have more time (as in when I am not working close to 40 hours a week, submitting paperwork, and trying to organize my whole life). Doing posts for a whole chapter can take a long time (as you’ve seen), and I like to just leisure read without an audience (plus I forgot how absorbed I get reading GRRM and I just set everything else aside).
  • Went to Bostland again in March to visit Allison. Roadtrip with the boys (Justin and Sean)! God I love Bostland.
  • Have bumped into/reconnected with a bunch of folks from UIS in the last few months. The world is a very small place.
  • Learning to plan but not to worry about things I can’t control. Taking more time to talk less, think and read more. Knowing what I want and appreciating the ability to recognize. Continuing to be ambiguous about my life in blog posts. 🙂

I am bad at things like this

Things such as:

  • Maintaining a blerg
  • Telling people about my life over the internet
  • Skating of all varieties
  • Um

This one’s for Kate

Also, incentives to read Tycho’s (of Penny Arcade fame) Twitter.

A shout-out to Ellen Guirl

I just so happened to get a postcard from a certain someone studying abroad in England at the moment.

Quick note about your blog

Yeah, YOUR blog. If you have one or are starting one, professional, creative, or personal, or if you host a website of your own personal projects, let me know. I’d love to link to your site.

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

Watched A Christmas Story about 800 times today.

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