Super Burger-y Bean Burgers

As you  may remember, sometimes, I cook! And right now, I’m pretty obsessed with these awesome bean burgers…


Call for notes!

Do you write notes to yourself? Do you use post-its (of printed or electronic variety)? Do you make epic to-do lists? Do you keep track of all the shit you’re supposed to remember on the back of your hand?

From little blurbs to long lists, I want to see your notes!

I’m in the middle of working on a long-form fictional work in which the central character makes a lot of extensive personal notations, and I’d like to generate some ideas about how he does that, eventually developing a style for him. This is also a very visually-oriented work–in its current iteration, the work will consist primarily of these notes, handwritten onto pages.

So! If you are comfortable sharing your notes with me, I would love it if you mailed them to me, or scanned them and sent them over e-mail. Pictures of notes will also work. No one else will be looking at your notes but me, and none of your identifying information will be shared–this is strictly for research and none of this material will be reproduced in the work.

You can contact me at chelsea[dot]fiddyment[at]gmail[dot]com with scanned notes, questions, requests for other contact info, fan mail, smiley faces, etc. I look forward to hearing from you!

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