The Two Towers Liveblog Session 3

9:45PM: LIVEBLOGGING HAS ENDED. I didn’t make it all the way through this chapter (because it’s fairly long), so I found an appropriate stopping point to take a break and will pick up there for the next session. Treebeard just finished telling Merry and Pippin about the loss of the Entwives, and everyone went to sleep after one of Tolkien’s 9000 songs.

8:00PM: LIVEBLOG SESSION IS UNDERWAY. All updates will be made in comments on this post. Refresh regularly or you’re going to miss shit. Also, I may be a bit slow at first because I’m also eating dinner after a late trip to the gym but you don’t care about that so let’s get starteeeeed

Curious as to what the hell this is about? Find out more here.


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I'm currently pursuing my MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My ideal career path involves using writing, publication, and writing education to enact progressive social change.

32 Responses to The Two Towers Liveblog Session 3

  1. Chelsea says:


    • Chelsea says:

      At last Merry halted. ‘We can’t go on like this,’ he panted. ‘I want some air.’ (61)

      Well we can’t always have everything we want, now can we

    • Chelsea says:

      ‘Untidy. I can’t imagine what spring would look like here, if it ever comes; still less a spring-cleaning.’ (62)

      Dude, Pippin, you’re one to talk; weren’t you guys dirty, injured prisoners like three pages ago

    • Chelsea says:

      He clambered on to a great tree-root that wound down into the stream, and stooping drew up some water in his cupped hands…The water refreshed them and seemed to cheer their hearts. (61)

      Every water source in Middle Earth is apparently Red Bull.

      • Ellen says:

        I’m not sure that Red Bull would be all that refreshing… in my opinion it just tastes disgusting.

    • Chelsea says:

      ‘Up we go!’ said Merry joyfully. ‘Now for a breath of air, and a sight of the land!’ (63)

      You too can book your beautiful hiking trip through Fangorn! One of our fabulous Fellowship guides will get himself turned into a pincushion of arrows trying to give you time to run away and save your sorry ass, after which our highly trained teams of Orcs will kidnap, torture, and nearly kill and dismember you on your way to scenic Fangorn. From there, you’re free to spend your morning drinking out of questionable, possibly-contaminated streams and climbing up conveniently-naturally-eroded stairways to enjoy the view!

    • Chelsea says:

      They were too eager to be surprised at the remarkable way in which the cuts and sores of their captivity had healed and their vigour had returned. (63)


    • Chelsea says:

      ‘Root and twig, very odd!’ (64)

      This is the greatest exclamation of confusion/surprise ever.

      • Fern says:

        I think I want to integrate this into my daily vocabulary. “Root and twig, very odd! My confounded keys seem to have taken a stroll!”

    • Chelsea says:

      ‘Well, I am an Ent, or that’s what they call me. Yes, Ent is the word. The Ent, I am, you might say, in your manner of speaking. Fangorn is my name according to some, Treebeard others make it. Treebeard will do.’ (64)


      • Chelsea says:

        ‘An Ent?’ said Merry. ‘What’s that? But what do you call yourself? What’s your real name?’

        ‘Hoo now!’ replied Treebeard. ‘Hoo! Now that would be telling! Not so hasty. And I am doing the asking. You are in my country. What are you, I wonder?’ (65)


      • Chelsea says:

        ‘I have brought you about seventy thousand ent-strides, but what that comes to in the measurement of your land I do not know.’ (72)

        You know, not bragging or anything about how good of shape I’m in, dudes

    • Chelsea says:

      ‘Nobody else calls us hobbits; we call ourselves that,’ said Pippin.

      ‘Hoom, hmm! Come now! Not so hasty! You call yourselves hobbits? But you should not go telling just anybody. You’ll be letting out your own right names if you’re not careful.’

      ‘We aren’t careful about that,’ said Merry. (66)

      No one taught Merry and Pippin not to talk to strangers; no wonder they get kidnapped

    • Chelsea says:

      ‘For one thing it would take a long while: my name is growing all the time, and I’ve lived a very long, long time; so my name is like a story. Real names tell you the story of the things they belong to in my language, in the Old Entish as you might say. It is a lovely language, but it takes a very long time to say anything in it, because we do not say anything in it, unless it is worth taking a long time to say, and to listen to.’ (66)


      • Chelsea says:

        ‘What is going on? What are you doing in it all? I can see and hear (and smell and feel) a great deal from this, from this, from this a-lalla-lalla-rumba-kamanda-lind-or-burúmë. Excuse me: that is a part of my name for it; I do not know what the word is in the outside languages: you know, the thing we are on, where I stand and look out on fine mornings, and think about the Sun, and the grass beyond the wood, and the horses, and the clouds, and the unfolding of the world. What is going on?’ (66)

        I love this description of the world, and wondering what is going on in it. Pretty much I love everything Treebeard says.

        • Chelsea says:

          ‘And I do not sit down. I am not very, hm, bendable.’ (67)


        • Chelsea says:

          ‘Let us leave this—did you say what you call it?’

          ‘Hill?’ suggested Pippin. ‘Shelf? Step?’ suggested Merry.

          Treebeard repeated the words thoughtfully. ‘Hill. Yes, that was it. But it is a hasty word for a thing that has stood here ever since this part of the world was shaped.’ (67)


      • Kevin says:

        This is also pretty much Tolkien’s whole view of languages, and a big part of the reason he wrote these books. His view as a linguist was that the study of languages was meaningless without knowing the history of the people who spoke them, and he was big on languages poetically and meaningfully describing things.

        /language nerd

    • Chelsea says:

      All the while, as he walked, he talked to himself in a long running stream of musical sounds. (68)

      Have I said already that I love Treebeard

    • Chelsea says:

      ‘You are thirsty, I expect. Perhaps you are also tired. Drink this!’ (73)

      More Red Bull. Also, never take a cup at a party from someone you don’t know, even if it’s Treebeard.

    • Chelsea says:

      I am a big fan of Treebeard being far more alert and assertive in this book than he is in the movie–he wants to know all the news Merry and Pippin have, and makes the decision on his own just listening to them to put an end to Saruman’s bullshit at Isengard. Books make everyone more baller.

    • Chelsea says:

      ‘Tomorrow we have councils to call, and work to do, and maybe a journey to begin.’ (78)

      Story of my life.

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