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In case you thought I haven’t been voraciously devouring more webcomics, here is yet another advertisement for things you should read.

I was browsing for something to chew through when I got home from Texas Sunday night, and decided to finally getting around to reading Dylan Meconis’s Bite Me! And yes, I did real the whole thing in one evening (hearkening back to my college days). The storyline and characters are amusing, as are the French Revolution references and notes. Most of all, it’s been a pleasure to see the evolution of Meconis’s art and storytelling from the beginning of Bite Me! to the present moment in her current endeavor, Family Man. The story is riveting, delightfully humorous at points, and expands so much on a few of the characters introduced in Bite Me!, and yet there’s more: Meconis also works deftly with the cultural issues of her chosen time setting to create a believable setting for her slightly fantastic topic. Wonderful, wonderful works that you should read as soon as you get the chance.

Also, a reference to someone I’ve mentioned before: Evan Dahm has begun his most recent narrative adventure, Vattu, which he’s opted to update (at least for the moment) in one-page increments three times a week, hoping to make it easier for new readers to get introduced to the work. Strike while the iron’s hot—that is, get in on Vattu before you’ve got a lot of make-up reading to do. Dahm’s only got 11 pages posted at the moment. You don’t have to read his other two completed works (Rice Boy and Order of Tales) to understand what’s going on, so if you like strange lands and the surreal, check this out now. Dahm doesn’t disappoint.

On a side note, I think webcomics are about to get their own post category.


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I'm currently pursuing my MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My ideal career path involves using writing, publication, and writing education to enact progressive social change.

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