New friends

I brought a new friend home from the store today, and before you can make any jokes, I will tell you that it is a sansevieria (yes, another snake plant). This one should grow a little more traditionally (taller, growing straight up instead of a flower made of foliage).

Ever since my plants moved onto my parents’ side porch where the sun and humidity are, they’re doing much better. My lucky bamboo cuttings are sprouting leaves at last, and the bird’s nest snake plants are so happy that I’m having to take cuttings from them–they’re sprouting little friends left and right. I’m going to move my original lucky bamboo out there after this weekend after I’ve passed on one of the bird’s nest snake plants.  It’s consistently suffering from tip burn, likely as a result of the dry, cool climate inside the house, so hopefully the outdoor humidity will do it some good.


About Chelsea
I'm currently pursuing my MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My ideal career path involves using writing, publication, and writing education to enact progressive social change.

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