All manner of crazy crap

So many things are happeniiiiiiiing

Don’t worry, none of them are jobs.

I meant to write a post all last week about the previous weekend, but me being myself, that never happened. So instead of breaking this up the way I probably should (into two posts, this one and one that will post tomorrow or Thursday), I will just condense everything since I feel like doing this right now.

The highlight of the weekend before last was spending all day Saturday in Amsterdam Tavern, a football (admit it, soccer sounds really stupid) bar in St. Louis off of Morganford. Suraj and I got breakfast and some other goodies at the Tower Grove farmers’ market, which I had to keep cold with ice from our table’s buckets of beer for the rest of the afternoon. Everything was fine (lamb patties and bratwurst for him, herbed goat cheese for both of us), but it was a hell of an afternoon, standing on our feet for about five hours (we sat there for a few hours before they took the chairs, while South Korea and Uruguay played) before and during the US v. Ghana match. I’ve been so excited about the 2010 World Cup and have enjoyed the overall atmosphere and game-watching so much that I guess I’ll have to start watching at least Premier League from now on.

Since Amsterdam wasn’t serving food either of us could eat, I picked up lunch (and dinner) from Local Harvest Cafe (across the street from the mutually-owned Local Harvest Grocery). It was the first time we’d eaten there, and I would highly recommend it for a mixed company of herbivores and omnivores alike. Delicious, massive sandwiches, plenty of options and substitutions, baked goods, the works. If you like the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich at Panera/St. Louis Bread Co., Local Harvest’s Mediterranean will knock you out–it is a monster of a sandwich with a glorious amount of fresh and often local veggies, azeefa, and balsamic vinegar. On the day in question, St. Louis Pride’s pet parade was about to start, so Local Harvest was also selling homemade, no-artificial-sweeteners snowcones, too, that were fantastically refreshing.

More flower shop work during the week, including hanging up willow wreaths on the walls and driving out in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Springfield to make deliveries.

Suraj was in Canada for this past weekend and was generous enough to donate his Cardinals-Brewers tickets to me for Friday night. My friend Daniel and I ended up going together, as Suraj had instructed me that I might as well never show my face round ‘these parts again if I did not return with Friday night’s giveaway–a Brockabrella. I made sure to leave it for him at the weekend’s end with one of his other birthday gifts. Saturday I decided I was going to finally see if REI had any Vibram FiveFingers that I could try on and pick up groceries while I was out to make party food for Daniel and Jimmy’s housewarming party. The lady working in the shoes section told me that they had, in fact, just received a shipment the day before (these shoes are in high demand and low supply right now, very similar to the Wii a few years ago), and they had a pretty full stock of women’s sizes. You actually measure your food in inches to determine your shoe size because you want them to fit as snugly as possible since they’re meant to be worn without socks. I ended up purchasing a pair of black KSOs after being assured of REI’s 100% lifetime guarantee (“If you wear them every day for a month and decide you hate them, we will fully refund you,” the shoe lady informed me).

The party was fantastic and the pasta I made was a hit, which I didn’t expect at all. Seeing people I knew was fantastic, and it was great to meet so many other wonderful friends of theirs. Expanding St. Louis-area social netwooooooork, yeah

I booked it home Sunday so that I would have enough time to make some vegan bean burgers for a 4th of July party hosted by one of the other members of the writers’ group I attend weekly, which also got devoured. In retrospect, I should have cooked them a little longer and added a little more seasoning, but they did taste delicious. All in all, the weekend was full of culinary affirmation and delightful conversation with deeply interesting people.

This week: more werk, St. Louis to commemorate Suraj’s birthday on the weekend. More to come on my opinion of the FiveFingers shoes. I’ll post my tweaked recipes sometime this week also, for those of you who are interested. AND PAVEMENT IS ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY


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I'm currently pursuing my MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My ideal career path involves using writing, publication, and writing education to enact progressive social change.

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