Friends Party; or, old recap posts part the final

Finally, we’re up to this past weekend, which was Friends Party–Suraj’s friend Kevin visited us from Seattle, and Allison (still on spring break) went to Oishi with us Friday night after we picked Kevin up from the airport.

If you’re in the St. Louis metro area and looking for vegetarian hibachi/teppanyaki/not real Japanese food/whatever you want to call it, consider Oishi in Chesterfield. Most places (at least ones that I’ve been) don’t offer an honest-to-god vegetarian-oriented entree (that is, one that includes an additional vegetarian protein), but Oishi has a mixed vegetable and tofu option that was excellent–asparagus, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, onions, zucchini, squash and more with some firm, lightly breaded tofu cubes. Awesome.

Afterward, we played some Apples to Apples at Suraj’s place while watching The Man with the Golden Gun. We did the same thing (though with wine and scotch instead of beer, Goldeneye instead of Golden Gun, and Sarah instead of Allison) after getting dinner on the Hill at Cunetto’s. Their pasta that I had leftover was what I tried putting lightly-fried seitan crumbles in this week for dinner, which was delicious. All in all, a relaxing weekend with good friends, good drinks, and good food (including the hearty breakfasts I made Saturday and Sunday morning).

Me, Suraj, Sarah, and Kevin

Speaking of breakfast, I bought vegetarian bacon (or facon, as I will refer to it) to try in addition to the usual turkey bacon I bought for Suraj and everyone else to eat. Dierbergs sells a lot of Morningstar products (which is nice when I need a veggie nugs fix), so I opted to try their facon as well, just once (since, though I do like the occasional serving of the aforementioned nugs, I would like to stay away from heavily processed “fake meat”)–though I do admit, I was taking a risk (albeit a small one) given the recent and not-much-discussed (especially by the people that knew about it) salmonella contamination in hydrolyzed vegetable protein (which, of course, Morningstar products contain). The facon smells and tastes good, though it does lend itself to dryness, even if not cooked until super crisp.

However, in the vein of sticking to things with less ingredients and processing (and less syllables in said ingredients–think just plain ol’ wheat versus hydrolyzed vegetable protein), I also picked up some tempeh facon to try this weekend. It’s packaged as “smoky tempeh,” so I was thinking it might still be in a block that I could crumble up for making chili, but it also says “fakin’ bacon”–it is indeed marinated and shaped into convenient, baconesque strips.

Okay! I’m sneaking in things about tempeh bacon and current plans, so I’m cutting this off and continuing with current events in tomorrow’s post. By current, I mean things that happened this week, including a job application (gasp!) and meeting the guys from Penny Arcade (double gasp!).


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