New Year’s review

When I’ve visited Denton for winter break in the past, it typically didn’t get much below about 60°. We had about three genuinely warm days (between 60° and 70°), and the rest of the time, it’s been like a warm Midwestern winter (40s). On Christmas Eve, it dumped snow (in Dallas-area terms). Highways were closed due to high-speed winds, blowing snow, and icy roads. It looked great on all the lights, though!

Some little girl came over one day and kissed the snowman on the head, patted him gently, and then walked off

We were toasty inside, opening gifts. My family opens gifts on both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning–known gifts and gifts to each other on Christmas Eve and gifts from “Santa” on Christmas morning. Christmas Eve gifts included sock monkey pajamas for my sister. She already has a sock monkey pilot hat, so we thought we’d have an animal party.

Bear hat

I don’t really know when this happened but this is our cat

Fast-forward to a few days after Christmas, when Suraj got here. More ridiculous snow happened the night he flew in, so his flight was delayed by about an hour and a half. We wandered around Denton the first day he was here, somehow managing to score a CD he’s been looking for for several months (the Hackers Soundtrack, if you must know). We also hit World Market here (since there are none around central Illinois anymore) and I scored some milk candy (Milkita, I think?) that is at least almost as good (but not quite!) as White Rabbit, a chewy creamy Chinese candy that one my residents introduced me to during last semester. I imagine the reason I can’t find it anywhere is because it was recalled for a while during 2008’s melamine-tainted milk scandal (although supposedly the problem has since been corrected, at least in China). We also picked up a couple of bottles of good red wine for cheap–2008 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages and 2007 Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel.

New Year’s Eve involved Italian food and the annual confetti war at my parents’ house.

Suraj working hard not to spill on his new shirt

The one picture of my sister and her boyfriend in which his eyes were open

Suraj wouldn’t move closer to me to take a picture. Self-explanatory

Festive as hell. I’d recommend that dress to anyone; it’s American Apparel’s bandeau dress

But before all that, Suraj and I decided to go into downtown Dallas for some shopping. We went to Northpark Center because it was close to the art district downtown and because they have both Lush and American Apparel. For reference, if you want the Dallas experience, Northpark Center is exactly when I picture when I try to think of something that sums up Dallas. While we were there we walked right past Dallas Cowboys’ tight end Jason Witten, who I would never have recognized because I hate football but Suraj flipped out over.

Since the museums closed early for New Year’s Eve, we decided to go to just one–the Crow Collection.

View of some of Trammell Crow’s real estate works from the inside of the museum.

The museum features primarily pieces from the private collection Trammell and Margaret Crow. Trammell Crow was a big name in real estate development who used his profits to purchase ancient and rare Asian artifacts. They had a fantastic jade exhibit, plus it was free and the docent working while we were there was brilliant and had something to say about everything we stopped to examine.

Do your opium in style with this jade pipe!

Great design inside, keeping with the look of the pieces featured in the museum. Also Suraj has a blurry face

The leaves of the plant are made entirely from individual pieces of jade, including the bugs that are on some of them

Shot the docent took of us

A statue of Ganesh in the South Asian wing–an appropriate image to end this post, and to begin the new year. Here’s wishing you the best, and hoping that you persevere through all your challenges and endeavors in 2010.


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I'm currently pursuing my MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My ideal career path involves using writing, publication, and writing education to enact progressive social change.

2 Responses to New Year’s review

  1. Ben says:

    I hope you weren’t JADED by that museum exhibit.

    GET IT?



  2. daunmapel says:

    beautiful black dress

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